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Off to a new frontier

Well, I’m going to be moving out of a fairly length tenure at Amgen to a consulting gig at Slalom Consulting.  I’m really excited about it, and one of the reasons is that I think I’ll have more leeway to blog about some of the interesting tech stuff we’re working on or that I’m personally looking into or dealing with.  Most of it should be right up the “MS Developer” alley.

The company seems to have a really amazing roster of consultants all over the place, and is truly kicking some tail in the Microsoft tech space.  It should be a blast.


Giving the world what it’s not asking for

Well I’m sure no one is jumping up and down demanding yet another blog related to the Microsoft developer platform (mostly SharePoint), but that’s just what you’re getting here. I’ll try not to make it a bunch of “me too” posts, or at least to make those pointers to the people who’ve already covered it well, so hopefully what you’ll get here is stuff that is not otherwise easily Google-able or that is of interest to the team I work with at a fairly typical large enterprise.

While I need to keep the proprietary stuff safely within the cozy confines of our network perimeter, it seems like there are an awful lot of things that come up on a regular basis that aren’t really special about my particular place of work. This will be an area to talk about some of those.

For the next several months at least, the focus of most of the posts will probably have at least something to do with WSS 3 or MOSS 2007 since that’s what we’re neck deep in for the foreseeable future. Still, you may see the occasional bit of content that’s not SharePoint, developer, or even Microsoft related. Hopefully it will all be useful/interesting to at least a couple of folks out there though, even if the only interest is in telling me what an idiot I am for being so wrong.