SharePoint 2010 Class Notes – Day 2

We’re talking about sandbox solutions in SharePoint 2010 today.  This seems like it will be a very popular capability amongst the power user audience, but could be tedious to manage a bunch of site collections and use the same set of sandbox solutions.

An interesting solution, um, solution might be to have to establish a central repository of sandbox solution WSP files, then have some kind of Silverlight app that would let you register a series of site collections you manage, and then deploy a set of selected solutions to all of them.   Think of it as a way to manage “my” slice of the farm, without using farm-wide solutions.

Solution validators are an interesting concept.  It seems like two very useful validators would be a simple whitelist or a simple blacklist, perhaps that just read a list of solution identifiers from a SharePoint list or simple database table (if you want to avoid a circular dependency) somewhere.

Looking at visual upgrade, there are some weird issues if you want to keep running with the old UI/master pages.  They’ve stapled a new feature called Wiki Page Home Page to the team site definition to use the new Wiki Page library, which sounds like a cool idea on the surface.  However, if you have a site that uses the old UI, the new wiki pages are pretty much totally unusable because the old editor doesn’t know what to do with all the new rich editor content.  It appears though, that if you just delete the “Site Pages” library on a team site, it will revert back to the old behavior and just use the default.aspx page that has plain old web-part zones on it.   It would probably be cleaner to just deactivate the feature though.

Some VS2010 “magics”:

  • prop[tab][tab] – Create a new property
  • object.Event+=[tab][tab] – Stub out an event handler
  • override [methodname]

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